ULC Fire System Monitoring

ulc-listed-fire-system-monitoring-thumbnailAll fire system monitoring companies and their equipment are not equal. As people are learning, their fire system monitoring may not meet the Ontario Fire Code requirements.

Its not enough for the monitoring station to be ULC certified. The installation, installing company, method of monitoring, all come into play. The main issue being that the system has to be “ULC listed” and registered with ULC.

Systems that are properly installed and maintained are registered with ULC. ULC issues a certificate for each building/system that is monitored. This certificate must be posted adjacent the Fire Sprinkler riser or Fire Alarm control panel.
ULC Monitored fire alarm systems must be tested annually, stand-alone fire sprinkler systems must be tested every 2 months.

ULC Listed Fire Monitoring must be installed and maintained by a ULC Listed company. ULC does not allow this type of service to be sub-contracted. The installing company and monitoring station are both listed on the certificate. ULC requires that all end users be under contract directly with the ULC listed installing company. ULC will send out one of its reps to audit a sample of all installations done by any given listed installing company. This helps to maintain consistency and enforcement of the standards.

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